Friday, 23 December 2011

2012 Last Table 8 for the Year

We had a snarky last "table 8" for December 2012 for 21 people here are some of the products we served

thai prawn salad

 Toby plating the tomato plates (care of Alinea)
 Majito with sugar cane spoon
 Smoked lamb

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Global Gastronomy Initiative

ITs here we have arranged some of the Worlds best trained Chef's under the Wing of the Masters Ferran Adria, Grant Achatz, Thomas Keller.

Najat Kaanache and Myself will be hosting a spectacular night of demonstrations on advanced techiniques using the latest of kitchen gadgets and ingrediants.

If you missed out at dining in El Bulli, don't panic the demonstration is designed to show these tecniques and how to implement them in the every day kitchen. from the basic restaurant to the finest of dining, you will love the brilliance of this modernist cuisine.

Learn how to make these advanced techniques work for you. Impress your customers. Learn where to purchase these products both food and equipment.

For limited seats only so hurry

Where is it:       The Le Cordon Bleu School on Ryde Tafe Campus
When is it:         Monday 31st October 2011
                         Tuesday 1st November 2011

What Time        7.00pm to 10.00pm
How to Book    Phone Brad Jones on           0414  531016
Book online
Cost                   $250 per person

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tomato Canelonni or Soup

This weeks been very busy planning some new events hopefully this September, but enough on that I will fill the blanks in soon.

Our table 8 is getting very popular for the people with dietary requirements like Gluten free etc.. I asked about what do you miss since you have been GF and they miss canelonni and crunble and they only eat chicken and turkey... Ok I can do this so given the information I made a canelonni sheet from basil juice tomato marshmallow, a few home grown heirloom cherry tomato, cucumber vermacilli some colour and herbs and looks great as a salad but I want it hot so I decided to add som hot truffle and mushroom consomee and WOW want a fantastic soup...

Friday, 24 June 2011


I have to say I love chocolate, and until now thought I knew a thing or two about it. Well after speaking to a master chocolate pastry chef, I and happy I stand here corrected.

I am haapy to meet Gerhard from Zokoko Chocolate company close to us and he has taught me alot about his own blend. After tasting some of his blends I am very impressed and have now realised my new life with this chocolate has begun.

Gerhard Petzl has an outstanding resume and it is must for any chef or pastry lover to check out his blog and website so start from here

So for a friends Birthday I was asked to organise a cake and finding his passion for his martial arts the cake was chocolate with a rich gananch. The it was lined with fondant. I had an artist hand paint the artwork on. I made white chocolate candles filled with a rich caramel filling.  Using the gelatine sugar  pastry mix the blade and handle was created to represent the Tanto or Japanese knife. A stand was crafted using the chocolate and sugar mix combined and painted to give an authentic look. Later when I present the cake at the birthday it will be served with instant chocolate mousse ice cream using the siphone and Liquid Nitrogen. I will post some pics later after the party.......... I hope they enjoy this treat